It’s time to welcome this fresh new season with spring decor trends. Aesthetics and function are on the menu!

It’s finally time to push back your curtains and open your windows as far as they’ll go.

If you’re like us, you’ve been so excited to welcome the warmer temps!

Okay, maybe that breeze coming in the window isn’t exactly a summer breeze quite yet. We’re just happy to see some sunshine.

During this time of year, we start to feel more energized and inspired. Coming out of a long winter, it’s only fair that our homes could use some fresh inspiration too.

We’ve picked some of our favourite spring decor trends that people are loving in 2022.

From textured accents to a self-care oasis, keep reading to see how you can bring these trends to life.

Jungle Fever

A great way to breathe fresh life into any room is with greenery! That’s right, we’re taking plants.

After years of spending more time inside than ever before, people are looking to reconnect with nature. Plus, adding some greenery to your spaces is a great way to inspire a warm-weather feeling.

Indoor plants are on many spring trend lists because they add a pop of colour and vibrancy to any room. Indoor plants, plant shelves, or plant walls can improve mental health, invite conversation, and help us connect to nature.

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the calming energy that plants bring to a space. There are many easy to care for plants like a snake plant, a pothos, or a ZZ plant.

Warmth Is Winning

Decor trends for 2022 are playing a lot with colours and shapes that inspire warmth.

This doesn’t mean go paint a wall orange… unless that just sparked an idea. 

Warmth is more of a feeling, a lived-in, comfortable space. The all-white, minimal, sharp edge vibe is being traded out and softened with a warm touch.

We’re seeing this with accents in warm tones, such as lamps, vases, or a throw on your couch. Medium or deep woods are also being used to add a touch of welcoming warmth to any space.

Couches, chairs, or headboards with rounded edges are also great for creating a warm, safe, and connected surrounding.

Mood lighting at night is also a great way to help wind down, and enjoy a warm glow. We love our cute animal night lights which set the perfect sleepy vibe.

Tease With Texture & Colour

There seems to be a collective resurgence in fun and a need to express personality. This need has found its way into decor trends, especially spring decor trends.

While we are in love with zen, calming naturals, trends are showing more and more bold colours and patterns.

Earthy elements like wood, stone, and clay are a great way to subtly play with texture in your home.

A mix of both earthy textures and vibrant coloured accents helps to create unique spaces that feel cozy and comforting.

Natural Elements

If you haven’t already noticed, bringing the outside in is a running theme for decor trends in 2022. Bamboo, rattan, jute, and linen have been trending in previous years and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This year we’re seeing a rise in other natural materials such as marble, terracotta, and stoneware.

There are so many subtle and budget-friendly ways to add these elements. Think storage baskets, accent furniture, and textiles.

Sustainable Accents

Both brands and people are been prioritizing sustainability efforts, and these efforts have spilled over into decor trends.

Practicing sustainability when it comes to decor decisions can look like choosing responsibly manufactured furniture, choosing innovative products, or even repurposing old pieces.

Shopping for vintage or antique pieces is not only super fun, but it can add a unique and sentimental touch to any room. An awesome one-of-a-kind find is the perfect conversation starter too.

Getting the family together to up-cycle old pieces in your home is a fun, DIY activity that makes those pieces that much more special.

Mixing Styles

Gone are the days when you have to choose a single decade, theme, or style to model all your decor after.

This year it’s becoming trendy to mix different design styles, textures, materials… you name it!

With this decor trend you can really let your imagination fly, and test things out. If you have a classic, natural-toned room, think of how interesting it would be to add a contemporary bright coloured chair. Or to accent a bright coloured contemporary home with a rustic wooden armchair.

An easy way to play with this trend is to drape different textured blankets over your couch or add a funky patterned rug to a room.

Flex-Space & Self-Space

Many companies are choosing to keep people working from home, and some are switching to hybrid schedules. This means that the home workspace isn’t going anywhere.

Decor trends for 2022 involve creating flexible workspaces that not only act as a functional office but are still comfortable after signing out.

To combat a long workday, trends are also seeing an emphasis on creating calming self-care spaces where people can use relax and enjoy themselves or their hobbies. A spa-inspired bathroom has become a big hit, using neutral colours and natural materials to create that oasis feel. While some have been clearing out rooms, or corners, and making them a deviated hobby space.

There are so many ways for you to spruce up your home after a long winter. Sometimes it’s as simple as re-arranging your furniture so that a room feels fresh and new.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these spring home decor trends, and maybe even found some inspiration.

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